Machine Name:Automatic Multistage Cold Press
Model:Boltmatic BKA 3
Year of Manufacture:1976
Location:Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Machine Id:347

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Hatebur Boltmatic
Hatebur Boltmatic
Hatebur Boltmatic
Hatebur Boltmatic
Hatebur Boltmatic


The HATEBUR-Boltmatic BKA 3 is an automatic multi-stage cold press with a shearing device and four consecutive pressing stations.
The machine is built with a horizontal press axis and the press body forms a closed, rigid frame, so the machine works with a small inherent deformation.

General data
Number of pressing operations: 4
Engine power: 72 hp
Engine power: 53kW
Engine speed: 1310-2160 rpm
Crankshaft speed: 60-100 min -1 (stepless)
Total pressing force: 1800 kN

Raw material workspace
Max diameter of raw material: 20 mm
Section length range: 20 - 150 mm
Max. length of pellet after 1st operation: 150 mm
Max. width across flats (hexagon): 27 mm
Max. width across flats (square): 19 mm

Stroke of press carriage: 180 mm
Stroke of the shearing carriage: 100 mm
Die ejector stroke: 130 mm
Max feed length: 165 mm
Stroke per tong: 63 mm
Material stop adjustment: 70 mm

Die distance: 150 mm
Die diameter: 120 mm
Press axis height above ground: 1000 mm
Height of the feed axle above the ground: 1000 mm

Voltage: 3x380-415V (50/60Hz)
Power requirement:
in operation: approx. 75 kVA
during start-up: approx. 100 kVA

Note: the machine is UNDER POWER and can be inspected at any time by prior appointment.

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