Machine Name:CNC Horizontal Machining Center
Manufacturer:Starrag Heckert
Model:CWK 400D
Year of Manufacture:2007
Location:Korscheinnbroich, Germany
Machine Id:405

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CNC Horizontal Machining Center
CNC Horizontal Machining Center
CNC Horizontal Machining Center
CNC Horizontal Machining Center
CNC Horizontal Machining Center



Control: SIEMENS Sinumerik 840 D

Pallet clamping surface: 400 mm x 400 mm with threaded holes

NC rotary table according to DIN 55201

Pallet change with rotatable clamping station

Longitudinal stand adjustment: (x) = 650 mm

Support vertical adjustment: (y) = 650 mm

Transverse table adjustment: (z) = 650 mm

Interference circuit diameter 700 mm

Motor spindle: Speed 15000 rpm            

Main drive power 31 kW (40% ED)

Torque 200 Nm (40% ED)

Tool holder, hollow shank cone DIN 69893-HSK-A63

Tool chain magazine 60 slots

Prepared for retrofitting a portable electronic handwheel (in the handheld control panel)

Internal coolant supply: coolant through the spindle center centric shape AD,

coolant pressure at pressure relief valve 30/40/50 bar,

mechanically adjustable;

Coolant tank with backwash filter.

External coolant supply:               coolant via nozzles around the spindle,

Flow rate of the pump approx. 50 1/min.

Flushing gun at the clamping station

Waterfall shower

Chip conveyor, scratches, discharge height 1050 mm

Colouring: light grey RAL 7035)

Mouse grey RAL 7005, ruby red RAL 3003

* 1 piece of documentation in German

When ordering the options, the corresponding

Items of the basic equipment.

Working spindle variants:

Increased drive power up to 37 kW for heavy machining, (primarily for steel and cast iron) with

reinforced stator and hollow shaft motor at working spindle speeds of 50...10000 rpm

Drive power:   (40 % ED) 37 KW

                      (100% ED) 24 kW

Torque:           (40% ED) 350 Nm

                      (100% ED) 230 Nm

Acceleration:    x/y/z: 6.5 m/s²



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