Machine Name:Hydraulic Double-Acting Hammer
Model:HO-U 315 So
Year of Manufacture:2002
Machine Id:277

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Hydraulic Double-Acting Hammer
Hydraulic Double-Acting Hammer
Hydraulic Double-Acting Hammer
Hydraulic Double-Acting Hammer
Hydraulic Double-Acting Hammer


Hydraulic Double-Acting Hammer - LASCO HO-U 315 So

This leading edge hydraulic double-acting hammer from world-class supplier LASCO is an ideal forming machine for the forging industry.

  • Rated working capacity: approx. 40/50 kJ (interchangeable by SoftSwitch)
  • Impact frequency at nominal work capacity: approx. 90 1/min
  • Ultimate bear speed: at 40kJ= approx. 4.8 m/s and at 50kJ= approx. 5.3 m/s

Bear Stroke

  • max.: approx. 710 mm
  • min.: approx. 500 mm
  • Bear weight: about 3000 kg
  • Bear depth: approx. 700 mm

Height of both dies with swallows

  • max.: approx. 430 mm
  • min.: approx. 220 mm
  • Clear width between the guides: approx. 700mm
  • Frame foot dimensions (WxD): approx. 2800 mm x 1400 mm
  • Overall height: approx. 5100 mm
  • Frame weight: approx. 55000 kg
  • Total weight of the hammer: 75000 kg
  • Amount of oil in the head tank: approx. 1800 l
  • Accumulator pressure: approx. 130 bar
  • Drive power main engine: 2 x 45 kW
  • Drive power cooling filter circuit: 2.2 kW
  • Drive power fan for air cooler: 0.55 kW
  • Lubrication pump drive power: 0.18 kW
  • Operating voltage: 400 V³ 50 Hz
  • Control voltage: 230 V³ 50 Hz
  • Valve voltage: 24 V -
  • Degree of protection / type of protection: IP 55
  • Screen: Colour
  • Screen diagonal: 10.4"

Induction furnace

  • Screen diagonal: 10.4"
  • Operating voltage 600 volts three-phase current, 50 Hz
  • Peak current 1120 A
  • Power 1000 KW
  • Cooling circuit inductor with energy-saving cooler, closed circuit
  • Cooling circuit converter with chiller, closed circuit


The machine is *under power* and can be inspected at any time by prior appointment.

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