Machine Name:(ii) 2750-Ton Open-Die Forging Press with 5-Ton DANGO & DIENENTHAL Manipulator
Year of Manufacture:1996
Machine Id:417

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Main Features

The Press was fully revamped in 2016 and is in full working condition.

  1. Rated force: 2,500 T
  2. MAX Force: 2,750 T
  3. Slide speed: 56 mm/s at 2,000 T - 45 mm/s at 2,500 T
  4. Number of strokes/min in leveling cycle at 400 T: 72 strokes/min
  5. Slide stroke: 1.525 mm
  6. Passage between columns: 1,850 mm2
  7. Maximum opening without removing the tool holder: 2,800 mm
  8. Ejection in the lower table: stroke of 610 mm and force of 170 Tons
  9. Lower table sliding by cylinder: capacity of 3 tools
  10. Positioning of the slide, as well as force and speed, are controlled by a programmable controller
  11. Development and storage of programs at the workstation on a microcomputer

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Including a 5-Ton DANGO & DIENENTHAL Manipulator

3D Virtual Tour

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