Machine Name:(vi) Shot Blasting Machine
Model:HB 16/16
Year of Manufacture:2006
Machine Id:424

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Manufacturer: Wheelabrator Group GmbH (Schlick)

Installation type: HB 16/16 (Schlick)

Machine Number: 71 367

YOM: 2006

Voltage: 400V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Rated power: approx. 40 KW

Control voltage: 230 VAC

Pre-fuses max: 125 A

Max Diameter of workpiece batch (mm): 1600 mm

Max Height of workpiece (mm): 1600 mm

Max Weight of workpiece (kg): 800 kg

Number of Wheels: 2

Power per blast wheel (kW): 7.5 (11)

*Application: Cleaning, Deburring, Rust and Heat Scale Removal, Shot Peening

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