Machine Name:CNC Lathe
Model:CTX 420L
Year of Manufacture:2008
Machine Id:137

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CNC Lathe DMG CTX 420L
CNC Lathe DMG CTX 420L
CNC Lathe DMG CTX 420L
CNC Lathe DMG CTX 420L
CNC Lathe DMG CTX 420L




  • Max swing diameter: 680mm
  • Circumferential diameter over X-guide: 565mm
  • Max. Turning diameter: 324mm
  • Max. Turning length: 600mm
  • Control: Siemens 840D

Main spindle:

  • Spindle head diameter flat flange: 170 h5mm
  • Max. Rod diameter: 65mm
  • Spindle diameter in the front bearing: 120mm
  • Spindle bore: 79mm
  • Chuck diameter: 200 / 250mm
  • Speed range: 5000min-1 max.

C-axis (main spindle):

  • Speed: 250min-1
  • Holding torque: 120Nm
  • Pitch accuracy: 0.025 degrees

Counter spindle:

  • Spindle head diameter flat flange: 140 h5mm
  • Max. Rod diameter: 42mm
  • Chuck diameter: 160mm
  • Spindle diameter in the front bearing: 90mm
  • Spindle bore: 57mm
  • Speed range: 7000min-1 max.

Cross slide X/Y/Z:

  • Plan path X: 185mm
  • Longitudinal travel Z: 620mm
  • Ball screw spindle Z (dxh): 40x15mm
  • Vertical path Y: +/- 40mm
  • Rapid traverse speed X/Y/Z: 60/15/45m/min
  • Feed force X/Y/Z: 3.5/7/7 

Counter spindle:

  • Longitudinal travel Z2: 666mm
  • Rapid traverse speed Z2: 45m/min
  • Ball screw spindle Z2 (dxH): 40x15mm 

Tool carrier:

  • Number of tools: 12
  • Shank diameter according to VDI 69880: 40mm
  • Tool disc, axial tool holder pitch circle diameter: 320mm
  • Number of driven tools: 12
  • Speed range: 4500m-1 

Electrical energy requirement:

  • Connected load: 50kVA
  • Operating voltage: 400V
  • Frequency: 50Hz 

Mass and weight:

  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 4890/2460 / 2080mm
  • Weights of the machine: approx. 6500kg

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