Machine Name:(i) 1600t Komatsu Warm Forming Press
Model:C2ST 1600
Year of Manufacture:2006
Machine Id:549

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(i) 1600t Komatsu Warm Forming Press
(i) 1600t Komatsu Warm Forming Press


Technical Details Komatsu 1600t

General Information:

  • Manufacturer: Komatsu
  • Model: C2ST
  • Type: Warm forging (Crank press)
  • Year of Manufacturing: 2006.


  • Press Capacity: 1600t
  • Forming Stages: 5

Dimensions and Layout:

  • Press Size: 5M width x 9,5M height
  • Die Height: 100mm(1150mm)
  • Slide Dimension (Left to Right): 2200 mm
  • Slide Dimension (Front to Back): 1360 mm
  • Bolster Dimension (Left to Right): 2550 mm
  • Bolster Dimension (Front to Back): 1120 mm
  • Thickness: 250 mm
  • Slide Adjustment Length: 100 mm
  • Stroke Length: 800 mm
  • Stroke Rate: 17-35 (5-6) strokes per minute (SPM)
  • Slide Knockout – Air Normal Pressure Type
  • Press Weight: Approximately 350 tons
  • Main Motor: 315 Kw/AC

Auxiliary Equipment and Features:

  • QDC (Quick Die Change) Device:
    • Model/Special Specifications: Komatsu Industries
    • Die set changer
    • Two die sets: Upper and lower
    • Installation Date: February 2006

  • Material Supply Device – Soundproof room, large inversion device
  • Billet Heater - 1500kw high frequency induction heating, 4 furnaces/including pre-coat liquid tank

  • Controlled Cooling Device:
    • Installation Date: March 2006

  • Dust Collector:
    • Type: For press, outdoor, duct included
    • 22kw dry type
    • Weight about 3t
    • Installation Date: March 2006

  • Release agent application device - Press coating & circulation, Graphite-based release agent
  • Controlled cooling device - 250kw electric furnace with slow cooling device, Insulation material (ceramic/firebrick)
  • Cooling C/V - Mesh C/V with exhaust fan, duct included
  • Mold preheating device - Electric heater/power supply unit, Including electric heaters (multiple units)
  • Mold setup device - Upper die set mold change arm
  • Mold cleaning machine/dust collector - Dry ice blasting method/dry method, Outdoor (dust collector)
  • Jib Crane:
    • 2 Units - Load Capacity: 100kg and 250kg
    • Manufacturer: Zojirushi
    • Installation Date: 2006

Other Features:

  • Underground Pit Available - two hydraulic units
  • Control Panel: Located on the second floor
  • Automatic Transport Mechanism

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