Machine Name:Robotic Arm
Model:FANUC M-710iC/50
Year of Manufacture:2017
Machine Id:339

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Robotic Arm
Robotic Arm
Robotic Arm
Robotic Arm
Robotic Arm


Controlled axes: 6
Payload: 50 kg
Working range: 2050 mm
Robot footprint: 535 mm x 550 mm
Motion range:
J1: 360° - J2: 225° - J3: 440° - J4: 720° - J5: 250° - J6: 720°
Maximum speed (°/s):
J1: 175° - J2: 175° - J3: 175° - J4: 250° - J5: 250° - J6: 355°
J4 Moment/Inertia (Nm/kgm²): 206/28
J5 Moment/Inertia (Nm/kgm²): 206/28
J6 Moment/Inertia (Nm/kgm²): 127/11
Acoustic noise level [dB]: 71.3 dB
Ambient temperature: 0-45°C
Repeatability (mm): ± 0.03°
Mechanical weight: 560 kg


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