Marketing and Sales

… at KRUDO Industrial we are passionate about sales, that’s why we sell!

Especially in a world with an increasingly complex business and communication framework, the ability to target the right buyers at the right time is key to economically optimized monetisation of client’s assets.

Profound knowledge about the wants and the needs of relevant market participants empowers KRUDO Industrial to target Marketing and Sales activities precisely and efficiently. We engage potential buyers in dialogue with tailor made promotional activities to effectively capitalize assets. With our segmented datapool of potential buyers we are able to source and engage relevant buyers from all around the world. Our global offices and international partnerships enable us to accompany promotional activities on spot with knowledge of the respective market.

KRUDO Industrial serves as an agent and delivers globally proven solution for every Asset Acquisition and Asset Disposition project around the world. Based on combined extensive industry expertise, together with our partners we understand that taking the right approach is crucial for the maximum outcome of any Asset Acquisition and Asset Disposition project.

With our experience in commercialisation products and services in foreign markets and our cultural competences we support our clients to discover and exploit additional foreign market opportunities. KRUDO Industrial offers a variety of Marketing and Sales activities from Consultation and providing market insights to developing and implementing a complete market entry strategy to expand your business.

Having the capacities for detailed market research and the ability to carefully evaluate a variety of suitable marketing channels (both, digital and print), KRUDO Industrial reaches potential customers in any part of the world.

With your sales intention in focus, we not only work targeted and tech-driven, but also al-ways reach potential customers by using newest and most recent developments in tech-nology successfully; confident enough to guarantee traffic, opening rates, and leads.

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