Machine Name:Industrial Washing Machine
Model:Single Chamber Wash Installation
Year of Manufacture:2000
Location:Sint-Truiden - Belgium
Machine Id:344

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Industrial Washing Machine
Industrial Washing Machine
Industrial Washing Machine
Industrial Washing Machine
Industrial Washing Machine


Machine setup

Total length: approx. 9000 mm

Total width: approx. 5000 mm

Total height: approx. 51500 mm

Total weight: approx. 25.000 kg (empty)

A special foundation is not necessary, flat shed floor is sufficient. The set-up is done in a support frame integrated bottom bath (stainless steel plate). The installation is in multiple components delivered and assembled at the installation location by our specialist mechanics.


Connections to the Placement location

Reservoir outlet: DN 80

Main connection: 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz 300 Kw

Compressed air: R½”, 6 bar

Main water connection: DN 40

VE Water: DN 40


The additions referred to in  1.2  do not belong to the scope of delivery of CAE  Beyss Gmbh.

The machine is cleaned, set up ready and ready for operation.

Technical data

Filling height: 1100 mm,

Processing height: approx. 1200 mm OKF

Clock time: variable 7.5-12 min


Transport system

The loading baskets are transported through 8 stations of the roller conveyor (yellow. drawing Axmann Conveyor technology). The loading is done with the help of a forklift in pos. 1.

The input and output in the treatment room is done in pos. 4

Hot vacuum drying is done in pos. 5

Unloading with the help of the forklift is done in pos. 8.

Technical data:

Lifting table:      Type H-15-03

Büter Hebetechnik GmbH

Platform length: 1200 mm

Platform width: 900 mm

Surface tax : 1500 daN

Working height: 300 mm

Building height : 200 mm, retracted

Lifting time: 2 sec/2 sec. for 300 mm charge

Roller conveyor: Motor 1-6:       Bevel gear drive motor R37 DT71 D4 -- 0.37 kW: 25 U/min; 1.24 A

  Motor 7 + 8:    Worm gear motor SA47 DT71 D4 -- 0.37 kW. 25 U/min; 1.24 A


-For moving the loading boxes in and out, a retractable frame is used. Transport in the room or out of the room is done via the lifting table or with the power supply.

Motor 9:             Bevel gear drive motor with brake KF47 DT80 K4BMG -- 0.55 kW; 13 U/min; 1.76 A; brake voltage 24 V/DC


Door drive

The door of the treatment room is closed with a pneumatic cylinder from the company Festo

and with 4 cylinders locked.

Technical data:

1x Linear dlinder


Fa. Festo

4x double acting cylinders

DNG 160-25-PPV-A-S2

Fa. Festo

Cleaning programs

Flood cleaning with washing or rinsing medium

When draining, the treatment room fills up. The loading basket with the workpieces can be used during the treatment are shrunk or remain standing.

Flood-spray cleaning wash

In addition, a high-pressure pump by the company KSB sprayer tubes are loaded, which are equipped with 14 sprayers make LECHLER.

Technical data:                1x High pressure pump: MULTITEC MTC V 65/3

                                      Transport rate: 100 m/h

                                      Transport height: 130 m

1x three-phase motor:     Type 250 M 2 AK, Make ABB  -- 2900 U/min; 55 kW; 400/600 V; 50 Hz; IP 55, 250 M/F

14 x Full jet nozzles:        Type 545.080.16.CG, Make LECHLERR ½”; Ø 7.5 mm

20x Flat jet nozzles:         Type 632.804.16.CC, Make LECHLERRY; G ¼”, 4mm



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