Machine Name:Beltwasher
Year of Manufacture:2017
Location:Sint-Truiden - Belgium
Machine Id:73

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Beltwasher DÜRR EcoClean
Beltwasher DÜRR EcoClean
Beltwasher DÜRR EcoClean
Beltwasher DÜRR EcoClean
Beltwasher DÜRR EcoClean


Beltwasher DÜRR EcoClean

  • Volume: 3500 L
  • Suction: 3500 m³/h
  • Electrical load: 136 kVA
  • Base frame with integral floor tray according to German water Management Act
  • Sound-insulating enclosure for 78dB(A), painted
  • Water-tight treatment chamber of stainless steel
  • Integrated bottom tank
  • Oil skimmer with integrated oil seperator (bath1)
  • Chain conveyor with cross bars and wire hooks
  • Silhouette plates with part sensors
  • Silhouette plates (stainless steel) for zone partition
  • Vertical process pump
  • Make-up water supply connection 1"
  • Compressed-air supply connection 1"
  • water meter and dirt trap 1"
  • Tank level control
  • Heating element with temprature control
  • Drain pump unit
  • 2 Mesh wire basket filter per bath
  • SIEMENS S7-300 control, SIEMENS KP 700 comfort 


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