Machine Name:CNC Surface Grinding Machine
Model:Planomat 608
Year of Manufacture:2016
Machine Id:427

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CNC Surface Grinding Machine
CNC Surface Grinding Machine
CNC Surface Grinding Machine
CNC Surface Grinding Machine
CNC Surface Grinding Machine





Grinding area: 400X800 mm

Magnetic chuck: 400x800 mm

Table clamping surface with additional surfaces: 400x 1200 mm

Distance table to spindle center: 150 ... 700 mm

Table load max., with magnetic clamping plate: 800 kg

Table height above ground level: 970 mm


X-axis, table longitudinal travel max.: 900 mm

Y-axis, vertical grinding head, max.: 550 mm

Z-axis, column transverse travel, max.: 360 mm

Feed rate

X-speed: 30 ... 40000 mm/min

Y-speed: 4 ... 6000 mm/min

Z-speed: 4 ... 6000 mm/min

Grinding spindle drive, three-phase motor, adjustable

Spindle speed (limited to max. permissible circumferential speed): 8000 1/min

Const. Torque 300 ... 1,100 rpm: 1000 Nm

Const. Output 1,100 to 3,400 1/min: 1000 ... 3700 (15 kW)

Grinding wheel dimensions

Diameter max.: 400 mm

Diameter min.: 190 mm

Width (standard): 30 ... 80 (50) mm

Disc bore: 127 mm

Area and weight

Space requirements: W x D: 4.9 x 4.4 m

Footprint W x D: 3.7 x 2.3 m

Machine height: 2.8 m

Weight: 4800 kg

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