About KRUDO Industrial

KRUDO is an industrial service company and independent solutions provider to all industry participants from around the world.

Who We Are?

KRUDO Industrial is an Industrial Services Company and Independent Solutions Provider to all industry participants from around the globe.

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, KRUDO Industrial provides unique and personalized services that are tailored to specific wishes of our customers from the aerospace, automotive, chemical, construction, electronics, food & beverage, plastics, power generation, ship building, textiles, and transportation industries. We tend to look at the market from both, the buyer’s and seller’s perspectives, and consequently strive to deliver maximum results focussing on our customer’s time lines, budgets, and technological expectations.

With services reaching from advisory and asset management to marketing and sales, at KRUDO Industrial together with our partners we creatively work on tailor-made solutions for our client’s on a global scale – both online and offline.

With offices in 3 countries and partners on every continent we are able to give your project global reach and deliver the expected result. With experienced, multi-lingual and multi-cultural personnel we are at your service for maximise the outcome of projects.

Our Mission

KRUDO Industrial is an Industrial Services Company and Independent Solutions Provider for decision-makers in companies intending to develop their businesses beyond currently known limits.

Our Vision

To be the world’s most preferred Industrial Services Company renowned for its extraordinary fair and elegant approach to business and continuously exceeding expectations in global projects.

What We Do

Meeting our clients individual requirements is of essential value for the success of all and any operations of our company and therefore, we have decided to offer a holistic service portfolio for industrial companies around the world.

Knowing that many things can be covered by our own team and that it is best to perform core services by our own experts, we are convinced that it is best to do what we do best and to leave certain aspects of our offering to selected and trusted partners from the industry.

Call on us as your one stop solution provider and to serve you best in every step of the service delivery.

You contract us and we deliver the highly appreciate 'KRUDO WAY' of thing to you.

KRUDO Service Delivery Structure

krudoind services flow chart