Machine Name:Forging Press
Model:VEPES 3150
Year of Manufacture:1982
Machine Id:346

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Hasenclever VEPES 3150 Forging Press
Hasenclever VEPES 3150 Forging Press
Hasenclever VEPES 3150 Forging Press
Billet Bunker w Spiral Conveyor
Induction Heater Elphiac Catenaxe V 120


Forging Press - Hasenclever VEPES 3150

Forging Press Line

  • Nominal force, from 10° before bottom reversal point: MN 31.5
  • Clear distance between columns below the guides: mm 1790
  • Table clamping surface (WxD): mm 1750x1500
  • Slide clamping area (WxD) mm 1450x1500
  • Clear height between table and carriage - from below/above: mm 1200/1579
  • Height adjustment of the carriage: mm 24
  • Variable displacement motor rated power: kW 3
  • Variable speed motor: rpm 20
  • Carriage stroke: mm 355
  • Number of strokes per minute: 70
  • Drive motor rated power: kW 130
  • Drive motor speed: rpm 1500
  • Electrical equipment for: V 380, Hz 50
  • Required compressed air: bar 5-5.5
  • Total air consumption per stroke: Ltr. 50
  • Total weight: Kg 229,000

This press is being supplied in a line set-up with Billet Bunker w Spiral Conveyor, Induction Heater Elphiac Catenaxe V 120 and SMERAL LDO500 Trimming Press (1996).

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