Machine Name:CNC Lathe
Model:CTX 510
Year of Manufacture:2007
Machine Id:138

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Cnc Lathe
Cnc Lathe
Cnc Lathe
Cnc Lathe
Cnc Lathe



  • Control: Type SIEMENS 840D

Working space:

  • Distance between centers: 1150mm
  • Length of machine bed: 2300mm
  • Top height: 360mm
  • Z-axis stroke: 1050mm
  • X-axis stroke: 300mm
  • Dia on machine bed: 680mm
  • Max. Diameter on slide: 465mm
  • Max. Rotating Diameter: 465mm
  • Rod capacity: 76mm (90 opt.)
  • Partial bar passage: 90mmx680mm
  • Max. Rotatable length: 1000mm
  • Max. Weight betw. the tips: 350kg
  • Max. Distance between center of gravity&spindle nose: 160mm
  • Height of the spindle nose above the ground: 1060mm
  • Spindle nose type: FL 220 h5
  • Max. Spindle speed: 3500 min-1
  • Spindle power: 100% S1 (40% S6) 31 kW (42)
  • Chuck (diameter): 250mm (315 opt.)
  • Diam. Spindle bore: 102.5mm
  • Diam. Front bearing: 150mm
  • Spindle bearing lubrication type: Grease

Ball screw spindles:

  • Ball screw Z-axis: 40 x 10mm
  • Ball screw spindle X-axis: 40 x 10mm


  • Rapid traverse Z-axis: 30m / min
  • Rapid traverse X-axis: 30m / min
  • Rapid traverse C1-axis: 100min -1

Measuring system:

  • Measuring system Z-axis: Absolutely rotary
  • X-axis measuring system: Absolutely rotary

Resolution of the measuring system:

  • Linear axes X and Z: 0.001mm
  • C-axis (option): 0.001° (sensor)
  • Tailstock: Quill diameter: 120mm
  • Quill stroke: 150mm
  • Tailstock stroke: 850mm
  • Core tip mount: 5MK
  • Moving the tailstock: automatic coupling hydraulically controlled via CNC
  • Hydraulic tailstock clamping: 50bar

Tool holders:

  • Turret head without drive: Type SM-H-20
  • Driven turret head: Type SM-H-20 + MDT
  • Number Tools: 12 #
  • Tool holder: 40VDI (50 V1)
  • Clutch driven Tools (DIN5480): 20x08x30x24W
  • Shank diameter: 25mm x 25mm
  • Power driven tools (2000rpm): 7.5 kW SIEMENS
  • Max. Torque driven tools: 36 NM SIEMENS

Electrical equipment:

  • Voltage: 400V (+/- 10%)
  • Frequency: 50Hz (+/- 1%)

Hydraulic power pack:

  • Max. Operating pressure: 50bar
  • Capacity container: 40l
  • Delivery rate pump: 17l / min-1

Axle lubrication unit:

  • Container capacity bold: 1.8l

Coolant tank:

  • Capacity (approx.)
  • With chip conveyor: 220l
  • Delivery rate pump: 30l / min -1
  • Spindle head coolant tank: 10l
  • Noise level Below: 80dB (A)
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 4865mm x 1855mm x 1930mm (with chip conveyor)
  • Weight (approx.): 7500daN
  • Inclination of the machine bed: 45 °
  • Material machine bed: Cast iron

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