For Sellers

KRUDO Industrial serves as an agent and delivers globally proven solution for everyAsset Acquisition and Asset Disposition project around the world.

Understanding the different needs of buyers and sellers from different cultures and countries around the world, KRUDO Industrial provides services that are needed to develop and grow your business. In order to ensure that Asset Acquisition and/or Asset Disposition projects run smoothly we have established a competent network of leading industry specialists and are offering personalised services that cover Advisory, Asset Management, and Marketing and Sales.

KRUDO Industrial always offers fair and simple payment models and prefers to enjoy the pleasure of Exclusivity in every transaction.

KRUDO Industrial serves as an agent and delivers globally proven solution for every Asset Acquisition and Asset Disposition project around the world. Based on combined extensive industry expertise, together with our partners we understand that taking the right approach is crucial for the maximum outcome of any Asset Acquisition and Asset Disposition project.

No matter if it is a single machine, a production line, or a complete production facility, KRUDO Industrial delivers services to monetize your assets with the highest returns.

Understanding that there are many factors to consider when intending to sell a company’s assets, our customers rely on our experience and expertise in choosing the right method. Structuring an Asset Monetization process however, not only depends on the asset category, the size of the deal, and the industry, but more so on the given (global) market conditions, the timing of sale, and the accessibility and reach of buyers from all over the world.

Live Webcam Auctions

Live webcast auctions are a great possibility to bring local and global buyers to bid together and against each other in real-time. Local bidders take pride in bidding directly and live in the auction room, whereas online bidder have the chance to send in bids to the auction room from any location in the world.

Timed Online Auctions

Timed online auctions are automated auctions with predetermined price levels, timings, and duration set by the auctioneer. These kinds of auctions happen purely online and enable the buyers to bid on any lot at any time prior to the specified closing time of lots. Should buyers be outbid, the state-of-art system informers immediately and gives the buyer the chance to place a new bid within the pre-set extended bidding time.

Privately Negotiated Sales

Privately negotiated sales involve a whole lot of personal involvement and are a more discrete approach to turning your assets into money. Considering that some assets are close to impossible to being sold via an auction, we directly approach potential buyers presenting the details of the transaction offering. Backing personal initiatives with a sorrow digital marketing plan enables us to deliver expected results in the agreed period of time.

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