Machine Name:Pallet conveyor system
Model:WPS type 7997
Year of Manufacture:2017
Location:Sint-Truiden - Belgium
Machine Id:328

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Pallet conveyor system
Pallet conveyor system
Pallet conveyor system
Pallet conveyor system
Pallet conveyor system


Wekal transportation system WPS type 7997 with:
• A load and unloading area.
• Highway.
• 5 satelites .
• Reject area.
• Max. Workpiece load: 5Kg.

The WEKAL WPS transport system is a universally usable system with good customization options to optimize the material flow. It is designed for a workpiece load of max. 300 N.
Each workpiece is supplied individually and in the correct position / orientation on a pallet for the desired operations.
The mechanical basic elements are designed as a modular system. An SPS control system ensures reliable and optimal transport of the items.
The complete system complies with the latest safety regulations, guidelines, standards and quality requirements.
The WEKAL pallet conveyor is designed for permanent and low-wear operation. The pallets are transported on a plastic chain that runs in a U-profile. The conveyor consists of straight track profiles of various lengths and bends with different diameters and degrees. The undercarriage consists of support frames and dirt collection bins.



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